Operation Laying out the hose:

Lay down the hose in the middle of the area to be watered, using wide and gradual turns wherever possible. Standard 5/8” garden hose is recommended, with an over-all hose length of 150 feet for models A5, D, and JD; 200 feet for the A5-2 model, and 300 feet for the B3 model. (Figure 1)

Note: 1/2” garden hose can be used, but there is a possibility that the sprinkler’s front wheel may jump off the hose.


Connecting the sprinkler:

Connect the garden hose to the back of the sprinkler. Pointing the front of the sprinkler towards the direction of travel, set the sprinkler down with the rear wheels straddling the hose and the front wheel on top of the hose. (Figure 2)


Starting the sprinkler:

Make sure that both the left and right drive pawls above the rear wheels are in the down or forward position (Figure 3). To start your sprinkler, turn on the water faucet. The sprinkler will start moving under its own water-power. If the overall spray pattern is not correct, rotate the spray arms “up” for wider coverage, or “down” for a more narrow spray pattern.