Questions & Answers

Q: What is the best model for my application?

A: For a small, average yard, the Model A-5 will work fine. This sprinkler is designed to handle a standard 100 feet length of 5/8 inch rubber garden hose.

For larger yards, we recommend the Model A5-2. This model is designed to handle 150 feet of hose.

For very large estates and parks, we recommend the Model B-3. This model will handle up to 250 feet of hose. This particular model also has wider rear wheels, which make it a good choice for rougher terrain or traveling across an incline.

Q: Does the sprinkler come with an automatic shut-off feature?

A: The National Walking Sprinkler does not come with an automatic shut-off feature. Those customers that need that feature can purchase water timer shut-offs that attach directly to the faucet. These devices are readily available online, and at stores that sell lawn and garden accessories.

Q: My new sprinkler arms do not spin. What is the cause?

A: First thing to check is that the arms are installed so that they are parallel to the ground, and 180 degrees opposite from each other.

Second: Occasionally a new sprinkler will need extra lubrication during the “break in” period. Try liberally spraying the vertical brass shaft where it rides on the bronze bushings with WD-40 or similar penetrating oil. Doing this before each use will allow the sprinkler to spin more freely.

In the event that both of these things do not work, please give us a call at 402-475-3400 and we will assist you.

Q: Do you carry a Thompson Repair kit?

A: Parts that will fit a Thompson Sprinkler:

S1101 (Impeller Shaft Assembly)

S1100 (Impeller Shaft)

S1110 (Worm, Steel)

S1120 (SS-8-32 Drive Screw, Worm)

S1130 (Thrust Gasket, Cork)

S1140 (Graphitar – Delrin Thrust Bearing)

S1150 (Top Impeller Shaft Bushing)

S1160 (Lower Impeller Shaft Bushing)

S1180 (A5, A5-2 Cork Plate Gasket)

S1270 (Steel Worm Gear)

S1280 (3/16″ Cotter Pin, For Worm Gear)

S1290 (Worm Gear Shaft)

S1310 (Worm Gear Grease, 2 oz. Bottle)